Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Newly Renovated Hotel Breakers {Sandusky, Ohio}

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of living in Ohio, but there are some perks to living here. One being that we are close to Cedar Point, The Roller Coaster Capital of the World! My husband and oldest son absolutely love roller coasters and are always trying to get me on them. They were thrilled when they found out about Rougarou, a new floorless roller coaster. 

My family has been to Cedar Point and Castaway Bay but this was our first trip to Hotel Breakers. This historic hotel recently got a makeover without losing any of its 100 year old historic charm. As I walked down the main corridor I passed by gorgeous amusement park themed paintings and when I entered into the updated lobby I was pleased to feel the historic charm in the architectural structure of the room.

After checking in we made our way to our hotel room and we were blown away when we walked in. The headboards featured photos of one of the roller coasters inside the park and the bedding was beautifully coordinated. The technology has also been updated in the rooms. Every room now features a large LCD television, complimentary wi-fi (to a degree) and the lamps even have electrical outlets in them. Making them perfect for recharging any devices you may have with you.

There is also a large closet area, safe, dorm sized refrigerator and microwave. Which is perfect for storing any leftovers you have from dining at one of the hotels many restaurants including Starbucks, Perkins, TGI Fridays, Surf Lounge and TOMO Hibachi Grill. 

After dinner we were excited to check out the outdoor pool deck with the new water play area that ow includes a zero-entry play area, hot tub, plus new deck chairs and umbrellas. But the weather decided it was not going to cooperate and a big storm blew in pretty quickly.

We were hoping that the storms would blow through the night so we could enjoy the park the next day but they didn't. As we passed through the beautiful five story rotunda we were met with heavy rain, high winds and huge waves. If you are planning a trip to Cedar Point soon I would suggest reserving a room at Hotel Breakers. Not only is it steps away from dedicated entrances to Cedar Point and Soak City, but you also receive deals on Cedar Point admission packages including one hour of early entry into the park.

List of Early Rides (2015)
Millennium Force
Iron Dragon
Planet Snoopy
Ocean Motion
Midway Carousel

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  1. OH!! I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS! I would so love to ride this Rougarou! We are visiting SeaWorld San Antonio this weekend and they have a 'floorless' rollercoaster too. You hang from the track in seats and it does 360 spirals. *SIGH* I hope we have as much fun as you had at Cedar Point!