Thursday, July 2, 2015

Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss #sponsored

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With summertime here I worry a lot about how much learned education my boys are losing/forgetting throughout the summer. My boys are very active and love to be outside playing and when they can't get outside they want to play video games. I am very strict on the amount of time they are allowed for video games because I do not find them educational. However I do not mind the boys getting online and going to Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities website and playing educational games.

I enjoy the website as well because they not only does it offer games for the kids to play but also access to standards-aligned resources and over 900 printable and reproducible activities. I have made up my oldest three children each a binder that we are keeping the printable worksheets in for them to do when one of the other kids is on the computer. The activities include math work sheets, resource guides, certificates and much more! My kids love earning the certificates for doing a good job and completing the activities.

Bubba really likes playing the Jam Session game which has been helping him with his typing skills and learning where certain letter keys are on the computer. Sweet Pea enjoys the activities that I print off for her and put into her notebook. We are working on getting her ready for Pre-K and she likes to feel like she is doing "homework" like her big brothers do. Pumpkin has been focusing more on his sight words and reading skills this summer.

I am very happy with the Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities website and how it has been a great tool for me to use to help keep my children's skills sharp all summer long and prevent the "summer slide". A recent survey conducted by Carson-Dellosa, showed that 84% of teachers say students forget or "lose" some skills, knowledge or grade-level equivalency during the summer. That is a lot of lost knowledge in my opinion!

The Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities website is designed to help your child stay mentally sharp over the summer. While playing fun games online and doing fun printable activities as well. You can Sign up for free and get access to fun educational games, sample books, printable worksheets, and activities that you can use all summer long to help stop that summer learning loss in your children!  

I have loved using the Carson-Dellosa Website and have placed it on my favorites list on my computer so I can reference it throughout the school year as well. I love having great educational website at my disposal so I can help my children at home in the areas that they are struggling with. 

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  1. I love this! I wish I'd had this type of thing when mine were little. We played school a lot and did copies of worksheets when they were in elementary school. The last two at home right now seem to be spending almost every summer at summer school, so there isn't much time to forget much.