Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Skates that grow with you

With having two very active boys we are not short of things to do outside. The boys have so many different options to play with and use while outside. But the one thing they were missing was skates. I remember growing up that my friends and I would spend the majority of our summers skating in each others driveways when we weren't at the skating rink. I still love to skate but my hubby is not a fan of it so we never go skating at the local rinks unless the kids go to a birthday at one. 

youth lime

My boys will tell you that they don't know how to skate and I think it's more less there scared to try something new. Well Pumpkin decided he wanted skates and so I contacted Cardiff Skate Co. because I loved how their skates can easily grow with the kids. The skates I got for review were the Youth Cardiff Cruiser in Lime. I am so happy with these skates because not only can Pumpkin wear them but his brother can as well. Plus when the girls get big enough they will be able to use the skates as well.

Pumpkin has tried using the skates but keeps giving up to quickly because can't seem to keep his balance. I keep telling him that it just takes practice just like learning to ride a bike. It only took Bubba about 10 minutes to get the hang of skating. He is not the greatest but at least has found some confidence in himself to keep trying them. 

The Youth Cruiser skates fit U.S. shoe sizes Kids' 12 all the way through Adult's 5 or 6. The youth cruisers also comes with a set of four speed control discs designed to slow down the roll off the wheels and provide a more comfortable skating experience for the beginner. They are also labeled with a R and L to help your kids get the skates on the correct feet. I like that these skates are bootless so they are easy to get on and off for the kids. I really like that their unique wheel configuration makes for a more stable and balanced child compared to other skates that are available to kids.


  1. My little one would love me to win this for him.

  2. Wow it's just awesome to watch this video. nice post overall. Thanks for share.