Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year's Resolutions Have Gone to the Dogs, Literally.

With 2016 finally here, I've already been planning about how to make this new year the healthiest one yet. Although there are numerous ways I could improve myself (couldn't we all) and my health, what if I could also get my family involved including my furry family members, too? Milk-Bone (the makers of my pup's favorite dog treats) recently conducted an original survey of 3,000 pet parents nationwide to find out which healthy habits families are pledging in the new year. 
See the results below:

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: I see me

I know as a kid, I loved seeing my name on TV, in a book, the newspaper etc. It made you feel like you were someone because that famous person had the same name as you. I have a feeling that kids these days are no different. The I See Me book gives kids that same feeling. Monkey has an odd name, one that you have to make all the Christmas ornaments for because his name doesn't exist. When he got the I See Me book and it had his name plaster throughout the book, he was so excited, kind of like how I used to get when I would see my name on TV. He wanted to have the book read to him right away.