Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sponsor Spotlight: Jonsteen Company

One thing that the kids and I love to do is garden. We love growing a garden as well as planting flower gardens. I think it is wonderful that I have children that love to be outdoors and use their hands to grow things. Thanks to the Jonsteen Company partnering with me for this blog hop my children will now have some new gardening fun to do. 

I received 4 grow kits from the Jonsteen Company that will be going to the kids Easter baskets. I can't wait to see what they think when they each get to grow their own trees. They are fun kits that are guaranteed to germinate which makes them a great tool for kids. There are a wide variety of kits you can pick from that are easy to grow especially if you follow the directions sent with the kit. 

The Jonsteen Company also offers educational tools to go along with Science for those who are homeschooling their children. Even if you are not homeschooling the grow kits make a fun way to help your children learn about how plants and trees grow starting from a simple seed. My kids will be growing a California Palm, Sunflowers, Jurassic Ginkgo and a Pinon Pine. I am probably the most excited about growing the Palm and Jurassic Ginkgo. I can't wait to see our trees grow from seeds into actual living trees. 

How would you like to win a Set of Grow Kits like the ones I received? If you would then be sure to enter the Spring in the USA giveaway going on from March 20th through April 3rd! 


  1. Oh my goodness, that's SO wonderful! What child doesn't love to get outside and plant something? Great idea to add it to their Easter basket.

  2. I think hubby would love these more than dd and I! LOL He loves trees and watching them grow! We have a papaya tree in the backyard that he has been babying and it now has little fruits on it!