Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip to Florida

Florida is the ‘Sunshine State’, and it offers everything that you would imagine from America’s most dazzling clime. With warm weather, smiling locals, and attractions galore, it’s the perfect place to visit for families, gap year explorers, and luxury lovers alike. Flight Centre can help you get on your way to a fun Florida getaway.

Sometimes, when you travel to a new destination, it’s nice to go off the beaten track and see it from a different perspective, and this is one of the best ways to visit Florida. Although it’s famed for its beaches, theme parks, and pristine golf courses, there is much more to the Sunshine State for those who go in search of its many hidden 

#1: The American Police Hall of Fame 
Most of us love American crime shows, and have spent hours binge watching the exploits of our favorite fictional officers, but the stories of their real life counterparts are no less dramatic or heroic. CSI, The Wire, and their peers draw their inspiration from the men and women immortalized here. The Hall of Fame seeks to celebrate the lives that these heroes gave up in service of their country, but it is more than just a memorial to the fallen. It also features a live gun range (although this is closed to non-US citizens), along with a badge factory, dressing up area, Segway exhibit, and even a jail cell. Eye opening, inspirational, and enjoyable, it’s well worth a visit if you’re in the state.     

#2: Monkey Jungle
For those with a love of nature, Monkey Jungle is another must-see destination. Located to the east of South Miami Heights, it houses around 400 primates within its 30-acre idyll. A paradise for the abused and the endangered, it is one of the only protected habitats in the whole of the United States, making the work that its committed staff and volunteers do vital to global preservation attempts. Get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures when you visit, and know that your donations will make a real difference in the drive to save them.
#3: Potter's Wax Museum
Your final port of call on our whistle stop tour of Floridian destinations is Potter's Wax Museum, the longest established wax museum in America. Founded in 1948, this sprawling attraction houses a wealth of famous faces from history, the charts, politics, and all of your favorite sports. Widely acclaimed as one of the best wax attractions in the world, it plays host to everyone from Tiger Woods to Robert De Niro, a long line up of American presidents, and even the menacing mirror images of infamous horror mainstays. 

Where will you choose to visit on your trip?

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