Monday, August 15, 2016

Sponsor Spotlight: myBrest friend 3 in 1 Pregnancy Body Pillow

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One thing that I struggle with while pregnant is getting a good night sleep. It seems the farther I get a long in my pregnancy the worse I sleep and everyone tells you to rest before baby comes. But how can you rest when no matter how you lay you can not get comfortable. This is a problem I have dealt with during all my pregnancies. I remember when I was pregnant with Pumpkin Jake would stop and buy pillows so he could have one to sleep on and I would just take them. I think I ended up sleeping with almost 8 pillows by the end of my pregnancy. 
With this pregnancy I have been using My Brest Friend 3 in 1 Body Pillow to help me get some much needed rest. This pillow has taken the place of many pillows for me and makes Jake happy that he doesn't have to worry about me taking his pillows to try and get comfortable. The My Brest Friend 3 in 1 Pregnancy Body Pillow helps make sleeping more comfortable by conforming to your body throughout the night. The pregnancy body pillow 's versatile shape allows you to adjust the support you need as your body changes by simply switching which side you use to akign your hips.
My Brest Friend has been gracious enough to offer one of their wonderful nursing pillows for the Baby and Beyond Giveaway Hop. If you would like a chance to win one of these wonderful breastfeeding must haves then make sure you stop by and ENTER the giveaway!


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