Sunday, October 2, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Linda's Dewberry Lotion

I love lotion! Especially good lotions. Recently I tried Linda's Dewberry Lotion and it has quickly become one of my favorites. It is a thicker lotion than most. I personally am a fan of the thicker lotions. It is also100% gluten free, with a combination of 3 different plant based oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Linda's Dewberry Lotion contains Beta Glucan which helps reduce the depth of wrinkles, and I don't have to tell most women out there, how nice this is to have in a lotion that you can use every day.  Just a few more of the top ingredients are Castor oil, which heals inflammation, fights off wrinkles and reduces acne. Caprylic Acid, reduces the risk of breakouts. Rose oil, reduces wrinkles and moisturizes and hydrates. Also contains Jojoba oil which promotes healthy and clear skin.

   Linda's Dewberry Lotion has such a calm, light smell that you can use it anywhere,  anytime of the day. I usually put lotion on my hands before bed and some lotions are so strong that it makes it hard to sleep. Linda's Dewberry Lotion has such a pleasant smell that I think it helps me sleep. It's a thick lotion that goes a long way and stays in the skin so when you wake, it's still on the skin and you can feel the softness. Make sure to put this on your Christmas list for yourself or your loved one. Easy ordering at