Tuesday, October 18, 2016

LISTEN: five simple tools to meet your everyday parenting challenges

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I'm all about ways to improve my parenting skills. When I was asked to read the book Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges, I was all for it. This book is exactly like the title states, five simple tools to meet your everyday parenting challenges. It is 5 simple, practice tools that will help strengthen your connection with your child, intelligence, cooperation and ability to learn. this book has hundreds of true testaments. 

Each chapter lists some of the struggles that parents face and how they used the book to help with each issue. I'll admit, some of the stuff they were talking about, I did not quite understand until I read the testaments. I would be reading them and then I realized, that's exactly what my Bean does. Listen: talks about something called stay listening, which is listening all the way through the child's upset. This I think is a problem most parents have. Their child has a problem and we as parents assume that we know the answers and don't fully listen to our child which most children, all they want is for someone to listen to them. 

It also explains some of everyday challenges and how to handle and deal with them. One of the chapters is on building cooperation. I found this chapter helpful because it discussed everything from morning routines to chores and homework. When what I'm doing is not working, I fall back on what I've learned in the book. Another chapter is on goodbyes. I have a hard time with goodbyes because Bug goes to daycare in the mornings and he doesn't like it. It makes me feel so bad when i leave and he is crying, even though they tell me everyday that he quits crying before I get to the car. Reading the chapter on goodbyes, gave me some ideas to try and they are working.

   This book has made me an overall better parent. I do not get as upset towards the boys anymore. Sometimes after I come home from working all day and still have to make supper and walk into the house and all I hear is tattling on each other, it sometimes gets overwhelming. I've went back to the book a few times to try and figure out how to cope. I will grab the book and walk into another room and will come out refreshed and with a new attitude. We will try it the way the book says and, it works. A quiet household while we do homework and eat dinner. I highly recommend this book Listen: five simple tools to meet your everyday parenting challenges to any one. whether you have 1 child or 6 children, this book will help out with everything and you will find your house running smoothly.

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  1. One of my parenting challenges is ignoring the sarcasm and "know-it-all" attitude of teens. With two of them in the house, it gets to be a bit much on occasion! This sounds like a really good book. I'd like to read it, and pass it on to my kids to read as well!

  2. One of my parenting challenges is keeping my cool when my dd bites or pinches me.

  3. I have no children, but this would be a gift for my friend with three kids.

  4. Looking for great resources for work :). Challenges: learning to work together, conflict resolution ;)