Friday, November 4, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Top Soap

If you are like most people you go through soap quickly. It seems like I am forever refilling my soap dispensers. With having 7 people in our home we go through a lot of soap. I know in the newer homes the sinks have built in soap dispensers and Top Soap is made especially for them.

If you have a built in soap dispenser then you know how hard they can be to refill. There were two known ways to fill them. The first way was known as the "cleaning method", it's where you remove the pump from the top of the dispenser, and then refill the reservoir with soap. With this method, you have to hold the soap over the hole, while stretching over the sink and squeezing the soap into the container. Which typically makes a mess on the sink that you have to clean up hence the "cleaning method". 

The other method is known as the "cussing method", it's where you have to crawl under your sink after removing the cleaning products, reaching back and messing around to find the reservoir, filling it with soap, and being careful not to overfill it. Then you have to crawl back, mess around some more to reattach the reservoir, and finally come out from under the sink without hitting your head.

Now thanks to Top Soap, refilling your dispenser can be simple, hassle and mess free. Simply remove the pump from the top of the dispenser, make sure your refill pack matches the size of your soap reservoir you have, remove the lid, place the spout of the pack into the opening of the soap dispenser, and squeeze the soap in. Reinstall the pump and your done! Simple and mess free! These refills make great gifts for any new homeowners!

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