Friday, November 18, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: The Art of Paper Flowers

Do you love fresh flowers but hate how quickly they perish? I know I do and that is part of the reason why Mr. Anderson never buys them. He hates spending the money on flowers that will quickly perish. Lately he will buy me a flower or flowering bush to plant in the yard so he knows that we will get to enjoy it longer then a week. 

Sweet Pea and Angel love flowers as well they are forever in the yard picking every dandelion they see. They love to bring them inside and put them in a small vase. Though I try to keep all flowers outside for the bees the girls usually win and bring some in. Now I have a way that the girls and I can enjoy beautiful flowers year round and not worry about them perishing.

I recently received the book "The Art of Paper Flowers" which allows you to create realistic blossoms from ordinary paper. With this book you learn the techniques from a acclaimed designer and create your own stunning flowers. The author shows you how to create thirty-five beautiful flowers. Each of the projects include a complete list of materials, beautiful color photos and step-by-step directions for creating the flower. The book also includes full-size patterns. If you have a cricut it would come in very handy with this book. I can't wait to sit down with Pumpkin and Sweet Pea and make some of these beautiful flowers. 

This book would be very handy if you have daughter/s because you could create stunning center pieces for tea parties, birthdays and more. Or if you just love doing crafts then this book would be a great addition to your other craft books. I would recommend checking out this book and possibly putting it under the tree for a crafty person you know. 

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