Friday, November 18, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Creative Origami and Beyond

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Over the past couple of years Bubba has become very interested in Origami. He and friend were doing it all the time and really enjoyed it. I really like Bubba doing it because it is a stress reliever for him that does not involve electronics. It gives him something to do with his hands and makes his brain think about problem solving to figure out the correct way to fold the paper to get the desired look.

I recently received the book "Creative Origami and Beyond" which Bubba will be getting for Christmas. With this book you learn how to create dynamic origami models. This book is an engaging exploration of the craft packed with basic folding techniques, tips and easy to follow step by step instructions for each project. This book walks you through traditional origami, miniature origami, wet-fold origami and more. The book comes with 8 sheets of paper so you can get started right away creating stunning origami.

You will discover a variety of unique origami models and ideas that take this traditional art form to new heights. Some of the things you learn how to create in this book are how to fold a modular origami bracelet, practice mindful origami and even combine the power of simple electronics with the elegance of folded paper. I really like beautiful step by step illustrations in this book and may even spend a evening with Bubba trying my hand at origami. I think I could actually get something to turn out right by following the illustrations.

I can't wait to see what kind of origami Bubba creates and learns from this book. If you love doing origami or crafts then this book would be a great addition to your other craft books. I would recommend checking out this book and possibly putting it under the tree for a crafty person you know. 

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