Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: DK Books for the Family

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One thing that my boys love to do is build and create things. I always say that it's their Papa coming out of them. Their Papa is a engineer for GoodYear so he is always creating and building stuff as well. The boys love sitting down and doing stuff with their Papa. Now come Christmas they will have 2 new books to help them with their building and creating.

Pumpkin is going to love this book when he gets it. He is the artistic one out of the kids and loves creating things. He is always drawing up his inventions and creations and keeps them in a binder. This book will show him how to build some really cool stuff step -by step. Maker Lab has activities that are appropriate for kids ages 8-12 and are ranked easy, medium or hard, along with an estimated time frame for completion. The projects only require household materials so no need to buy a bunch of stuff. Children can build balloon rocket cars, make a lemon battery and more. 

Bubba is the builder in the family. He loves to build and create things with his hands. He has been like this since he was little. He has always been building with LEGO's since he could hold blocks in his hands. I know he is going to love the 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks book for Christmas. This book holds activities, games, challenges and pranks that the kids can do with their LEGO bricks. On the front cover is a "activity selector and timer" embedded that helps the kids choose one of the 365 projects to build and then times their progress.

The projects are not to big or lengthy which makes them fun to do. I can see my husband and brother in law having competitions with the boys to see who can complete a project the quickest. You will need a good assortment of  LEGO bricks to be able to complete the projects. 

Make sure you stop by DK Publishing to check out all the great books they offer! I am sure you will find something for everyone with the great selection that DK offers.


  1. Awesome, I am going to buy this for my grandson and some Legos for Christmas.

  2. This would be a really cool book to have. Thank you for sharing.