Friday, November 11, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Natural Antibiotics & Bontanical Treatments Book

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I know a lot of people lately have been looking for ways to help treat ailments without needing prescription medicine. I know personally I am the type of person who hates taking medicine for anything. I think there are more natural (holistic) ways to take care of our bodies. There are ways to heal our bodies and minds without using prescription drugs. If you think back to the beginnings they used plants and herbs as medicine and had success. I know not every ailment can be treated without prescriptions so please consult a doctor before doing anything. You can work with your doctor or a holistic doctor  to make sure you are getting what you need. 

 I recently received the "Natural Antibiotics and Botanical Treatments: Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind" book to review in the Holiday Gift Guide. I really like having books like these in my home since we try to take a holistic approach to treating our family. This book helps me find ways to help my children with taking care of concentration problems to the common cough. We already knew some of the recommendations that are in the book but have found others that we are trying out now as well. 

Since Bubba has ADHD and had bad reactions to his medication we took a holistic approach to treating him last year (under the guidance of his doctor). We have been having great success with it as well. This book has given us a few more ideas on things we can do to help him. I love that I no longer have to fight with him to take his medicine. He hated taking his medicine and then having to take something else so he could sleep at night. He has become a whole new child just by us taking a holistic approach with him. 

If you would like to start taking a holistic approach with your family or if you already are then I would highly recommend adding this book to your collection! It would make a wonderful gift for anyone who is all about holistic living.

I also received the "Best of Bridge: The Family Slow Cooker" book for the Holiday Gift Guide. You can check out the review and a wonderful recipe from the book over at The More The Merrier!

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