Thursday, November 10, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Ogodisk-Raq

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We are very much an outdoor family. So any outdoor toys we can find are worth looking into. With having three boys we try to find toys that keep them active and outside. I was sent the OgoDisk RAQ and as soon as i seen this, I knew it was going to be a fun game. The two oldest boys just found an interest in badminton and this game reminds me of that.

With the Ogodisk-Raq you have 2 - 15" paddles that are made out of a safe lightweight foam material and a ball. The ball has tails on it that you can remove and rearrange to control the speed and direction of the ball. This makes it fun for the bigger kids as they have to run and chase the ball in whatever direction it is headed. The paddles are netted with a trampoline type material making the ball soar high and far. The Ogodisk-Raq can be used with any ball, not too heavy. It can even be used as a pool game because the disks float or you can use it with water balloons. You are able to order replacement balls if needed, which if you have children, you know you will be using this feature, at least I will be.

  The Ogodisk-Raq has won awards as the Best Toy of 2012 in 5 different categories. You can play with friends or alone because all you have to do is bounce the ball and it acts like a paddle ball, except its much easier to hit. The Ogodisk-Raq can soar up to 150 feet depending on where you put the tails. This game is perfect for ages 6 and up. My 7 year old had a little trouble figuring out the coordination but once he figured it out, he loved it. My 11 year old had no problem and plays it all the time. This is the first game they go to when friends come over and we have outdoor activities. 

We are going to order more paddles so they can all play at the same time and we can have a parents vs kids game, but they will probably beat us. These are a perfect gift for children and adults!

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