Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Sneaky Blends Cookbook

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  I am all about eating and being healthy. The only problem I really have with that is, the food I do not like is kale, broccoli, spinach which are pretty much what is good for you. I have the Sneaky Chef book which tells you how to sneak healthy ingredients into foods and the kids do not even know they are eating healthy. The kids could not tell that they were eating the healthy foods and they could not taste it so I decided to try it for myself. This book is by the same author so I knew it would be great. I received the Sneaky Blends book by Missy Chase Lapine.

This book has over 100 recipes that use puree blends. The very first chapter in the book tells you what you will need to get started. It's actually simple stuff that even I had at home. It tells you some simple ingredients to keep on hand to make a lot of these purees and blends. It gives you detox recipes as well. This one was the one I wanted to try first. I've heard about detoxing and it working on other people but, there again, I didn't want to eat or drink the stuff they had. Sneaky Blends will tell you what to make and when to eat or drink it to start the healthy you.

   I am a cancer survivor and I hear all the time that a cancer trigger is the stuff you eat. My brother in law is also going through cancer right now and it has brought a bunch of the family into the healthy side. We are trying to eat and become healthy. I am going to try and get them on board and start with the Sneaky Blends book. If I can eat and drink the stuff to be healthy, anyone can. The best part is that you do not know you are eating the stuff that you didn't want to eat. The book Sneaky Blends also tells you how to take out the bad ingredients and substitute it with the good ingredients. You can mix the blends or purees into your favorite snacks also. A recipe I will make sure to use next weekend is the 1 day refresh. this is a refresher after you have over done the carbs and sugars. This makes it so you can eat your favorite Thanksgiving meal and dessert and not feel guilty about eating it. The 1 day refresh can be made ahead, along with all of the other purees and blends and kept on hand for anytime of the day and for any meal. This was one book that I was glad found its way into my hands. If you are trying to go down the road to good health and are like me, do not enjoy eating the healthy foods, make sure to pick up the book Sneaky Blends and start your journey today.

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