Thursday, November 10, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Strawesome Glass Drinking Straws

Do you hate wasting money on disposable straws? I know that I hate buying them and seeing them all end up in the trash within a day or two. The kids think they need a new straw for every drink they get, even if its the same thing they just drank. What a waste of money in my opinion. They do have the hard plastic straws available which are good for kids but I find a bit hard to clean well. I have heard of glass straws and to be truthful have been a bit scared of them. But recently Strawesome sent me a starter set of glass straws for the Holiday Gift Guide to try.

I received a starter set of glass straws (short straw, short smoothie straw, Regular Straw, Smoothie Straw), a cleaning brush and a special glass straw with a frog on it. I must say that I love the frog straw it has become my straw and I don't allow anyone else to use it. My biggest fear with glass straws was cleaning them. I was so afraid i'd break them but thanks to the cleaning brush that came with them I have had no problems.  I simply wash them with hot soapy water and place them on my drying rack standing up.

I love having these straws now because they are eco-friendly and we are not wasting money anymore on disposable straws. Mr. Anderson even took one of the straws with him to work for his water and other drinks. I am sorry that I did not get glass straws sooner for my house. These straws make a great gift for anyone who is wanting to go green in their house. Make sure you check out the Strawesome website to see all their beautiful straws!

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  1. I've started seeing these glass straws more often. I'm afraid to use them because of breakage fears.