Tuesday, December 13, 2016

CROSS Pens and the #WriteGift

Everyone has a story of their own but can you sum yours up to a short story? I know that I would personally have a hard time trying to sum up parts of my story. CROSS Pens is currently running a campaign called "The Long Story Short". This campaign is highlighting times when people took that next step. Whether it was moving away from home, how they started their career, getting in a relationship/engaged/married, or quitting a job to be self-employed, these moments, no matter how big or small, are ones that have lead them to where they are today.

CROSS Pens has always been the gift for recognizing achievements and for special moments. I am going to share my husbands "The Long Story Short" with you below, because not only does it affect our family but also our community. 

Caption: You serve the needs of others daily and there are Blessings in all you do! @CROSSpens #WriteGift #ad
Engraving: "Blessings in all you do"

CROSS was established in 1846 and to this day, receiving a CROSS fine writing instrument is a symbol of achievement. accomplishments, and human potential, all while being a luxury fine writing instrument. CROSS seeks to provide those possessing extraordinary vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit with the tools needed to make their mark. CROSS will always  continue to the #WriteGift for recognizing the deserving moments in anyone's life from a job promotion, to marriage, to graduation... Who is deserving in your life?


  1. This would be a great Christmas gift

  2. Wow! Can't believe that they were established in 1846. That's neat!