Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: TreasureToons and frog


My little Bug loves to sing and dance. What better way to dance, than while singing and dancing to the word of God. Treasure Toons by Cassie Byram does just that. This DVD bundle comes with the TreasureToons DVD, the Wonderfully Made CD and Rippy the Frog. I have been asking God to help me in some way, teach my children about his love. I have a 12 year old, a 7 year old and a 2 year old so its hard to find one thing that they all can enjoy and understand. We will listen to the Wonderfully made CD in the mornings while we are rushing to catch the bus and get ready for the day. 

The TreasureToons DVD is animated lyric scripture songs that go along with the Wonderfully Made DVD. The DVD is 55 minutes of sing-along songs and cartoon animation along with Bible verses. What better way to teach children than thru cartoon. In school, they teach you to memorize. If I couldn't remember it, I made it into a song. This is exactly what TreasureToons and Wonderfully Made did. They put the Bible verses into song and kids are remembering them so much easier. Bug and Rippy sing and dance together while learning and memorizing the word of God. The best part is, they look so cute doing it and have no idea they are learning at the same time. My TreasureToons
DVD and Wonderfully Made CD Bundle also came with a Rippy the Frog. This is Bugs favorite part. He carries the frog with him and tells everyone "My fog".  I can even take the CD in the car and we can sing along, dance and praise God while we are driving. This is a great tool for parents of younger children because it is hard to get them to sit still to learn anything. It was ingenious that Cassie Byram thought to do it in cartoon and song. This is a gift that I will be getting my friends and family with small children. 

Even though the DVD says its for children ages 1-6 , my 7 and 12 year old sit and watch it with us. They even sing along to the songs, if no one is looking at them of course. You can find this great gift on Cassie Byram's official website www.cassiebyram.com, or www.treasuretoons.com. Make sure to grab this today and put it in someones stocking. You will find them singing and praising in no time.

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