Monday, January 30, 2017

Grow your own food with Back to the Roots

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One thing that I love to do is grow my own food, but since it's the middle of winter in Ohio it's a little hard to do right now. Then I discovered the Back to the Roots company and their line of products you can grow year round indoors. I was sent the Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm to review and giveaway.

With this kit you grow your own edible oyster mushrooms in your home year round. This kit could not be any easier to use. You can grow mushrooms in your home year round with this kit by following 3 simply steps. 

Step 1:
~ Tear open the back of the box and cut a + into the bag. Then scrape away some of the top white layer of the soil. This will allow the mushrooms to start growing. (The soil is 100% plant-based)

Step 2:
~ Remove the bag from the box and soak the bag in a bucket of water for 8 hours. After the 8 hour soak place the bag back in the box. (The bag will float so place it scraped side down) 

Step 3:
Set the box near a window and keep it moist by sprinkling 2-3 tsp of water on the scraped area until mushrooms are fully grown. The baby mushrooms sprout in about 1 week. (avoid direct sunlight) 

Once the mushrooms have fully grown you can pick them and enjoy. You are also able to grow a bonus crop of mushrooms by re-soaking the bag and following the instructions again. Once you have grown your mushrooms snap a picture and show Back to the Roots and they will donate a mushroom kit to a elementary school classroom of your choice. 

How would you like to win a Mushroom Mini Farm of your? If so then be sure to stop by the Welcome Winter Giveaway Hop and enter to win!


  1. I had this kit before, and we loved it! The mushrooms just kept coming and they tasted amazing in every recipe where I used them.

  2. I really like this idea. It shows the children where the food actually comes from.