Thursday, January 19, 2017

Keep Kids Safe with Child Guard

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Do you have a little one in your home? Maybe you don't have a little one that lives in your home but visits. If you do then I am sure you know the protocol for keeping them safe and dangerous stuff kept up. It is something we parents all learn as time goes on that children but everything and I mean EVERYTHING in their mouths. Stuff that we think for sure they would never put in their mouths end up in there at some point. Recently there has been a issue with children getting a hold of laundry soap pods and trying to eat them. Why would a kid put soap in their mouth? Well because to them the pods look like candy.

I was recently sent some Tide PODS With Child Guard Zipper to review. I took one of the pods out and asked Angel who is 3 what it was and her answer "Candy Give Me". Nope not candy and luckily she forgot about them quickly since I put them up in the laundry room. I don't typically buy the POD style soaps for laundry or dishwashers but when I do I always kept them out of reach of my children and typically locked up. 

To use the child guard bag you simply take the slider to the point, then push it down and slide it across while holding it down. If a child gets a hold of the package and just slides the slider across it won't open for them. This is a great design and will defiantly help keep kids out of the PODs and safe. 

Do you use PODS in your home for cleaning dishes or laundry? If you do how do you keep your children safe from them? I would love to hear about how you store them and keep your children safe. 

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  1. I don't use PODS but I think this is a great solution to a bad problem. I know Tide wants to look up to date with their products but it does look too much like candy.