Friday, May 12, 2017

Armed with Truth temporary tattoos


Who does not like tattoos? A lot  of people actually, but who does not like temporary tattoos? Armed with Truth temporary tattoos are scripture tattoos. They offer verse tattoos, designer tattoos, decals, Greek tattoos and cards. They have plenty of 10 packs to chose from and I chose the Kids pack. When I received them, my boys were super excited to get to wear tattoos. They read all the tattoos and chose 2 that they wanted to wear. The tattoos come in a pack that has the scriptures written so you can pick out which one you want, unlike myself and my boys, we were trying to read all the tattoos backwards and realized afterwards that they were on the sleeve of the package.

  Armed with Truth tattoos are nice also because I do not have to make sure that they boys scrub them off before we go anywhere because they are proud to be wearing "God tattoos" (that is what Monkey calls them). It also makes it nice because some of the scriptures in the Kids pack, Bean did not understand so it gave us a chance to sneak in a Bible lesson also. The tattoos safe & non-toxic, made in the USA and made with soy-based ink. Monkey was excited to let people see him at church with his "God tattoo" and tell them what it said. My little guys have really skinny arms and even though they are scripture tattoos and a bit longer than some other temporary tattoos, they fit perfectly on their arms and you can still read them. The verse is bold and looks great on them.

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