Monday, August 28, 2017

GoGo Lantern: Little Lantern Lot of Light

We are an outdoorsy bunch and love to camp. When I seen the GoGo Lantern Bucket I was kind of skeptical because it "claims" to be super bright and all this. It is charged by solar power and, lets be honest, living in Ohio we don't have the best luck with daylight and sun. (to get the full effect of the light, they recommend charging it in the sun for a good 6-8 hours to get a full 8 hours of use). You can also charge it with a USB wall adapter if you wish. We had a family reunion a few weekends ago and I took it because it is pitch dark at night because you are so far from town and the lights. I forgot to charge the GoGo Lantern lantern the week prior to the reunion so when I got it out of the car I was worried. I turned it on and, all my worries were gone.

The GoGo Lantern is super bright. It is made with LED lights which enhances the brightness even more. It has 8 LEDs and has 3 different light settings. It has a built in magnet so you can place it anywhere if you need light. One of our relatives actually had a dead battery and was leaving instead of camping so we used the GoGo Lantern and stuck it to his hood to see. Worked great because it had so much light. It has a removable base and comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck and have hands free for hiking or if you are carrying a load. The light is waterproof and can be submerged in water.

 When I first tried the GoGo Lantern Bucket I grabbed it from my car and turned it on. It is collapsible and is less than 2 inches thick so it will fit in any small space and is super lite. I had my youngest son with me and I was carrying him and he fell asleep. I had my phone and another item with me so I had no free hands. When I turned on the Lantern, I tossed my items in the bucket and put the handle on my wrist and headed back up. Relatives were saying that they could see me from a few hundred yards away because the lantern was so bright. I love the fact that it is a bucket and you can put your belongings in it and carry it all. I was showing them the features of the lanterns and that's when I realized (I don't like reading directions but found out it does say this in the directions) that if it is turned on, after 5 seconds of being placed on a surface, it comes on automatically. It had a frosted soft side so the light is not super bright coming from the top so we sat it on the picnic table for a nice ambient glow. You can get the lantern in a clear or customized print if you wish.

  The GoGo Lantern Bucket is a must have for anyone. It is a great light to have for any adventure whether you camp, hike, fish or even if you just use it for some added light at an evening sporting event or anywhere you can use some extra light.

  P.S. We had a storm roll thru a couple days ago, lost power due to a tree falling, and I used the GoGo Lantern Bucket to gather up all the kids safely because they were upstairs and downstairs. I gathered them and we went outside to assess the damage and I actually attracted neighbors because they wanted to see my "bright flashlight" to see their damage and their light wasn't as bright as mine. I referred them to the website and they were going to order one as soon as they were able to. One neighbor was ordering them for his elderly relatives as Christmas gifts. Make sure to stop over to Facebook and pick yours, and a friends up today.

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