Monday, September 11, 2017

Family and Friends affected by Hurricanes

With all the recent Hurricanes it really makes you thankful for your family and friends. I have had family and friends affected by both the recent hurricanes! The after math is whats hard to see and watch. Though some only had minor damage to their property others are dealing with oil spills and a big mess to clean up. Through each storm I prayed that the Lord would keep a protective hedge around all in the paths of the storms. 

My mom lives in Florida and decided to ride out the storm at home as did all my family that is in Fl. Bubba my oldest was literally sick to his stomach with nerves worrying about his Grandma. We downloaded a special app on our phones so we could communicate easily without having to make a phone call. The kids really liked that they were able to check up on Grandma during the storm. 

My friend Kay from The More The Merrier  has blogged about her life after Hurricane Harvey. Make sure you stop by her blog and see the aftermath and read about what their going through as a family due to the storm. 

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