Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cozy Up and Color On

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One thing that I enjoy doing in my free time is coloring. It is one of the ways I like to relax and unwind. With having 5 children I need ways that I am able to relax and unwind after a crazy and hectic day. I have several coloring books that are just mine and the kids know that have to ask if they want a page out of them. I love finding coloring books that are inspirational and unique.

Recently I received the Hygge Adult Coloring Book: A Book to Enjoy & Color for a Cozy, Simple, Happy Life to review. Hygge is the danish word that means cozy. Hygee describes a lifestyle and aesthetic focused on appreciating simple comforts, such as a warm cup of tea in front of a blazing fire. I do not know about you but I love to sit in my rocking chair with a cup of coffee next to my warm blazing fireplace.

This book is filled with with cozy images of woolen socks, glowing candles, comfy furniture and steaming mugs of tea designed to inspire a sense of gratitude and calm. Hygee is about taking joy in your daily routines that promotes a sense of quiet appreciation. Coloring is a way for me to reach that calm in my life. This book is wonderful for anyone who is seeking to reduce stress and increase concentration by embracing the art of living simply.

If you love to color or are looking for a great Christmas gift for someone who does then I would recommend picking up a copy of Hygge Adult Coloring Book: A Book to Enjoy & Color for a Cozy, Simple, Happy Life. So pick up some coloring books, markers, colored pencils or crayons, grab a cup of tea or coffee and unwind.

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