Thursday, November 30, 2017

Take Your Veggies To A New Level

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One thing that I love is eating fresh vegetables especially ones from my in-laws garden. I also love finding new and delicious recipes to use them in as well. I am not sure why but my family had never really grilled our veggies. But now thanks to Cave Tools we are grilling our veggies as well and they are delicious!

I recently received a Vegetable Grill Basket to review with my family. I have to say that I quickly fell in love with this basket. Though Mr. Anderson does all the grilling I still like to add some challenges to him now and then for cooking on the grill. This basket helped me do that since he has never grilled veggies. This basket sits nicely on our rack in the grill and it allows the vegetables to soak in the yummy barbecue flavors. When we use the basket along with our smoker the veggies get a delicious dose of added flavor.

The basket is the perfect size to cook things on the grill that would otherwise fall through the grates. I know Mr. Anderson hates having to fish things up from under the grates. The basket is able to be used on the grill or even in the oven and is dishwasher safe! I do not know about you but I love multi-functional products. 

If you have a griller in the family that also loves vegetables I would recommend picking up a Cave Tools Vegetable Grill Basket for them for Christmas. You can also receive 15% off a vegetable basket by using the code VEGGIE15

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