Thursday, December 28, 2017

My Audio Pets Speakers

                                                               My Audio Pets

My older children are all into music and wifi speakers. So when I got the opportunity to review some of wireless speakers, I knew they would be perfect for the kids for Christmas as well as Holiday Gift Guide. The speakers are animal themed speakers that rock and are adorable!

When I opened the box and saw MOOZart and Ice Ice Baby I could not believe how cute they were! MOOZart is a cow, and Ice Ice Baby is a penguin. They are about the same shape and size of a regular sized egg. There is nothing "regular" about the sound that comes out of them though! They can really amp up the music. 

Each of the MyAudioPets comes with a charging cable, a manual and a lanyard, so they are easily able to betaken with you anywhere you go. You can also print an adoption certificate for each pet. There are two options of these great speakers. There are the TWS Audio Pets, where two can be paired for a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) experience, or the Gen1 Audio Pets that work independently and cannot be paired. They have a variety of speakers to choose from so there is a speaker for everyone!

These little guys also have a built in microphone as well, so if you happen to be listening to music via your phone you can still answer without having to unhook the speaker. These speakers are convenient and super cute! Make sure you stop by to see all the cute and adorable speakers available! 


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