Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Honey Pot even Pooh would Love

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One thing that I love to do for the Holiday's is bake. I bake for my children, family and friends and everyone seems to have a different thing I make that is their favorite. So when the Holiday's come around I usually spend days on end in the kitchen making everyone's favorites. But as long as everyone leaves happy because they got their favorites is all the thanks I need. I love to see everyone happy and enjoying their favorite baked treats.

Now thanks to Emerson Creek Pottery I have a beautiful Honey Pot to keep my fresh from the hive honey in that I use in my recipes. I have always been a huge fan of anything that makes my life and cooking easier. Since Mr. Anderson and the kids love our fresh honey having a honey pot makes it much easier for them to access. The only flaw I found in the honey pot is there is a gap in the lid where the honey stick sticks out which can allow ants and gnats to go into your honey. I just use a little piece of saran wrap to keep it closed.

The Copper Clay Honey Pot is such a beautiful handmade and hand-painted piece that I can leave it sitting out as decoration in my kitchen when it's not being used. The beautiful honey pot has a glowing jewel like color to it. I love knowing that this beautiful piece of work was crafted and made in the USA using non-toxic and lead-free clay.  

Emerson Creek Pottery has more than just Honey Pots to offer. They have a wide variety of pottery available and in so many different colors and different patterns. They offer baby safe pottery, dinnerware, bathroom accessories, tea sets, serving-ware, pet dishes and much more.  

a checklist for the reasons why emerson creek pottery is an eco-friendly option. reasons include: Made in the USA Lead-Free/Cadmium Free Made of Natural, Earth-Friendly Materials Shipped in Recycled Fiber Boxes Non-Toxic Made by Humans Packed in Ranpack Recycled Paper Padding We Never Mass Mail our Catalogs

Their efforts to be an eco-friendly company are always growing. They ship their pottery in Ranpack recycled paper material for padding and cushioning. They do not use peanuts or bubble wrap of any kind. They also use packing boxes that are made up of 95% - 100% recycled fibers, and can be recycled again.

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