Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Moore's Marinades and Sauces for a Delicious Dinner

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One thing that my boys and their dad love is hot and spicy food. I on the other hand try to avoid it because it bothers my stomach something fierce. So when cooking dinners I try to sometimes accommodate their love for hot and spicy foods. The other night while making fried chicken I cooked up some buffalo chicken wings for Mr. Anderson. I used Moore's Original Buffalo Wing Sauce on the wings and they were a hit!

Moore's Original Buffalo Wing Sauce is Moore's best-selling sauce! It adds just the right amount of flavor and heat to your wings. You could also use it to make Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip. This is a ready to use sauce so no need to mix anything up. The sauce is considered a medium heat level so not to hot but enough to give your food a kick. The sauce is also Gluten Free, Kosher and has No MSG making it perfect for those who have diet restrictions.

Whether you are making wings for 1 or for a party I would recommend using Moore's Original Buffalo Wing Sauce. I guarantee if you do your wings will be a huge hit! Mr. Anderson loved it and has been asking for more wings, so when I go to the store I have to pick some up. With the super bowl right around the corner I would defiantly pick up some Moore's sauce to make wings and buffalo dip for your guests I know I will have it on hand for my family. If Buffalo Sauce is not your thing Moore's has a wide variety of other sauces and marinades you can get to make your dinners delicious! I know that I will be picking up some of the marinade's to use for upcoming meals I am planning. 

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  1. We love trying different sauces. Thank you for telling us about this one.