Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pink Zebra Review

Pink Zebra! What is Pink Zebra? Pink Zebra is a direct sales company that lets you customize your own fragrance! You can mix and match scents to make a brand new scent that's just the right fit for your home. The scents come in a 3.75oz jar or a 16oz carton. They also have simmer pots to melt their sprinkles in, and so much more...

I couldn't be more happier with how great it made my house smell. I received the Iridescent Pearl simmer pot, 3.75oz jar of Sweet Pea & Lilly sprinkles, 3.75oz Beach Breeze soaks, and a Naked Reed set.

I was pleased that the cord on the simmer pot was longer than other pots I have. I was able to use it without pulling out the extension cord. A big plus! I placed a small portion of the sprinkles in and turned it on. The smell was great! To me it smells like candy. It was not a very strong scent and wasn't overpowering while still filling my home with a great smell.

I have never experienced Naked Reed soaks before so I was curious at how they work. Let me tell you I was surprisingly very happy with the outcome. The Beach Breeze scented soaks smell amazing. I placed it in my bathroom to add a little extra decorative look, and give the room a great aroma. As I walk past the bathroom I get a whiff of the great scent. This Naked Reed set is going to always be a permanent part of my bathroom d├ęcor from now on, and I cannot wait to try more scents. I encourage you to visit Pink Zebra's website and try out their won't be disappointed.

Pink Zebra offers a great business opportunity. Who doesn't like to earn extra cash? What do you have to do? You Ask? Become a consultant. Build your clientele by selling Pink Zebra products to all your family and friends, by hosting parties, social media, fundraising etc. Earn more money by building consultant teams.

If you would like to see what Pink Zebra has to offer for a business opportunity or would just like to see all their great products, Please visit Executive Director Karen Esposito's webpage at www.pinkzebr

Have fun navigating through all the products offered, and pick out something for yourself or to give as gifts. They would make great gifts!
I highly recommend Pink Zebra! I can't wait to try more of their products!

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