Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Be-careful Ordering Flowers from Teleflora

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I was so excited when I won a Gift Card to because I could order my mom some flowers from the kids as a surprise for Valentine's Day. I went through the site with Angel looking at all the different arrangements and we finally picked the perfect one. I was so excited for my mom to receive this BIG bouquet of flowers since we bought the premium arrangement. Well the day finally came for the flowers to be delivered and my Mom was surprised and loved them. Me on the other hand was surprised as well since she received a small bouquet (The Standard arrangement). 

(What we got)

(What I ordered)

Since I used a gift card I was told to bad they can not refund my money and they will not make it right by having the correct bouquet sent. But here they will give me 40% off my next order. Like seriously do they think I will order again from them when they will not correct their mistakes? So if you are ordering flowers online be-careful as though you may be paying for what you think is a big (the most expensive) bouquet they may just send the one that is the cheapest version and pocket the money difference.

Feel free to share any problems you have had as well below!

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  1. That's awful! That is why I only order from proflowers! I've never had an issues and once I put the wrong address on the flowers, and they resent them out even though it was MY fault!