Saturday, June 9, 2018

Wisdom Teeth are NO Joke

So Thursday June 7th I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled and let me tell you this surgery is not no walk in the park! The stories my Mother-in-Law and oldest son are telling me about how I was right after surgery is quite interesting to say the least. I have been pretty much confined to my bed because anytime I get up and start to walk I get light headed and dizzy and the last thing I need is a concussion on top of my swollen face.

This is me following surgery when I got home and finally got some ice on my face. Lovely right! After about 24 hours I was feeling a little better but still very swollen though you can not tell by pictures because my face is wrapped in ice packs to help with the swelling.

Me 24 hours after surgery. I have had some of the best care provided my Bubba my oldest child who is 13 1/2. He has been on top of everything to when I need to take my medicine, when my ice packs need changed and has got the wrapping of them down. I could not be happier with the love and compassion he has shown me. 

Today we reached 48 hours after surgery and this has been one of the hardest days for me so far. The doctor said day 3 and 4 will be the height of the swelling and pain so needless to say I am not looking forward to the next couple of days. Luckily I have wonderful family and friends that have been helping with keeping the kids so I can rest and dropping off yummy smoothies to help perk up my spirits. I am so thankful for all the help I have got so far because if it wasn't for it my recovery would probably be going even slower then it feels like it is already. 

If the dentist tells you, you need your wisdom teeth out do it while you are younger! Because the longer you wait the more time the root of the tooth has to fully grow and mine were very long and up into my sinus cavities which caused me severe tooth pain every-time my sinuses bothered me! No Fun! 


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  6. The contemporary diet consists of softer meals and tools that reduce the effort required for chewing. As a result, wisdom teeth have lost part of their function, and we frequently advise having them removed as soon as feasible. Evolutionary scientists consider wisdom teeth to be extinct organs with no genuine biological use. In order to protect both our patients' general health and the health of the oral environment as a whole, we at Green Tree Dental frequently remove wisdom teeth before they are fully developed.