Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Little Girl Crying Review & Giveaway

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When I received the book "Little Girl Crying" my oldest son gave me the strangest look and asked why I wanted to read a book about a girl crying. One thing my children do not know or understand is that I battle depression and a eating disorder and have since I was in middle school. It takes everything I have in me some days just to get out of bed and do my daily routine. This book is about the author's life-long struggle with anorexia nervosa and the prayer that saved her life.

Though I never have dealt with anorexia I have watched a few of my Aunts deal with as I was growing up. Which I think may have led to my own eating disorder that I have been struggling with since middle school. This book was one I could really relate in many ways and I am glad that I have it and can read it. I am glad that Belinda decided to write this book even though going back and thinking/reliving the past can be very painful.

"Little Girl Crying is a story of survival. It's a story of God's love, mercy, and amazing grace, affirming that God is with us even when He is silent. But, most of all, it is a message of hope and encouragement to all who suffer: never give up, because our God is a God of healing and miracles!"

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