Tuesday, January 8, 2019

4 in 1 Ellie Cover Review

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Parent's know the struggle of making sure you dont forget anything. How many times have you got somewhere and realized that you forgot an important item? We all have done this. Monkey says that I'm an octopus because I'm mom and I have 8 arms to carry everything. We also have all thought, "how come we cant buy one thing to do it all"? Well a dad thought the same thing when he seen all that his wife has to carry, along with the baby. He invented the 4 in 1 Ellie Cover.

This is a nursing cover, carseat cover, high chair cover and scarf all in 1. I have to admit, this is really handy. I used it to cover LadyBug's carseat in the weather then take it off when we got to a restaurant and used it to cover the high chair. It comes in a little carry bag with a tie so when I dont use it as a carseat cover anymore, its still incredibally easy to carry into places. When used as a carseat cover, its super light and perfect for the Ohio weather. It doesnt blow in the wind and uncover baby either.

When used as a high chair cover, it covers babies whole lap and fits any high chair.

   I do not breastfeed but I know moms who do and alot of their complaints are parts of their body showing while feeding. The 4 in 1 Ellie Cover cover the whole body, baby and all. When baby is done, just pull the cover up and wear as a fashionable scarf. Simple, convenient and super cute.   

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