Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wild Horses Review and Giveaway

One thing that I have always loved is horses and my girls share that love. Sweet Pea loves anything that has to do with horses and is always asking for her own horse. I am sure if we had the room and resources she would have her own horse. I recently received a wonderful set of horse related items from the Wild Horse Freedom Federation to reveiw. 

The Wild Horse Freedom Federation, is a leading non-profit and advocacy group that is working to protect the thousands of wild horses roaming our country's public lands. They are working to help protect these beautiful creatures from being slaughtered. 

If you are a horse lover then I would really recommend picking up the calendar and help supporting this wonderful non-profit orgainzation. I do not know about you but I would hate to see these beautiful animals just disappear. 

I am excited to be giving away the same set that I received to one lucky reader! To enter just simply fill out the form below and GOOD LUCK!!

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