Sunday, March 24, 2019


What is Cora?! Cora is a monthly subscription box for women. What better monthly subscription box for the lovely thing that visits us women for a week every month. Their main goal is to empower women, that's why for every Cora purchase they give health education and pads to girls in need.

When I first got my box I couldn't get over how beautiful the packaging was. How clean and sophisticated the black and white packaging looked. In my box I received pads, liners, feminine wipes, tampons, along with a tampon holder. All their products are made from organic cotton that is not only better for our bodies but for the environment.

I have used CORAS products for the past 3 months and I have not one complaint! They absorb just as well as normal over the counter products and you can feel confident and that you're making someone life so much better. Did you know that in some countries girls have to skip school until  their cycle is over. Look how many days are missed in a year. I recommend everyone should try organic feminine product once and you will be hooked!!

The promise to be innovative, transparent, human, and generous. They want to make sure no woman or girls is left behind for their biology.

I don't know about you but don't you think more feminine product companies should be like this? I want to know what is in my products, and know I AM HELPING SOMEONE. That is worth it to me! When I saw the post card in my box from a beautiful girl named Rebecca and knowing I helped her not miss a week of school, I knew this company is going to be so successful! Visit their website to read more about this fantastic company!

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