Sunday, March 24, 2019


I was given the opportinuty to review 10 samples of Moody Sisters homemade and small batch skincare. You can purchase the same sample on their website for $10 plus shipping. Mine included...

-4 facial scrubs
-2 masks
-foaming body scrub (my FAVORITE)
-face cream
-lightweight moisturizer
-whipped lotion

Every single one of these samples smelled so delicious. My favorite was the Vanilla Spearmint foaming body scrub. It is so invigorating and refreshing to use after a workout. I threw it in my gym bag and would use it and I instantly felt refreshed.

Two sisters in 2010 opened a ETSY store as a hobby, and instantly were selling out of all their homemade goodies. They want to create natural products that work just as well as over the counter one. And I quote... "That smell amazeballs"!!!

On their website they sell deodrants, facial care, hair and body, as well as makeup. Support small businesses!!! Check out their website and let me know what products you are interested in!

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  1. I have been using Moody Sisters' products for several years. I LOVE their deodoarant and use both the solid and the powder.