Thursday, June 6, 2019

7 Fitness Tips for Summer Vacation Travel

It's vacation season, and for many that means visiting faraway friends, exploring new places and possibly even crossing some things off the ol' bucket list.

Unfortunately, traveling often also means lots of sitting, interrupted sleep patterns due to time zone changes, unhealthy eating, and workout routines that are sporadic, if not nonexistent.

According to Orrville physical therapist Jason McDonald, however, travel doesn't have to be synonymous with unhealthy habits and a lack of exercise.

"Vacations are a time to reboot mentally while reconnecting with friends and family, but this doesn't have to happen at the expense of your health," said McDonald, co-owner of Onsite Therapy Solutions in Orrville. "With just a little forethought and planning, you can stay active and healthy throughout your trip, whether it lasts a few days or a few weeks."

So, for the purpose of planning, McDonald offers the following tips for staying fit and healthy while traveling:

Plan Around an Activity: Don't just plan your vactaion around a place. Consider making one or a series of activities central to your agenda. For instance, plan to go on some hiking tours, try snorkeling for the first time, or make vacation a family camping trip.

Keep Moving En Route: Whether you're flying or driving, you're going to likely do a lot of sitting and waiting during the front and back ends of your trip. So, capitalize on breaks in your trip to go for short walks, do some streching, or warm the body through some dynamic exercises (i.e., lunges, light jogging, arm/leg swings, etc.)

Explore on Foot/Bike: Once you're at your new destination, resolve to explore the area on foot, either by jogging a new route each morning or taking regular walking tours of the area. Or, see the sites from the seat of a rented bike.

Strength Train Using Body Weight: Even though you're likely to be in an unfamiliar place with little to no gym access, don't let that keep you from strength training. Whether in your hotel room or at a local park, your body weight provides ideal resistance while doing lunges, dips, push-ups, planks, and so on.

Stay Hydrated: When you're out of your element and distracted by new people and places, hydration habits can go away. Carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times as a reminder to hydrate continually throughout the day, and consume sugary and/or alcholic drinks in moderation.

Mind Your Diet: A disrupted or inconsistent schedule, coupled with a desire to try the local cuisine, can cause your good eating habits to go out the window. Continue to try new things, but do so with a plan. If you're expecting a big dinner out one night, eat a lighter, healthier meal earlier in the day... and vice versa.

Don't Skimp on Sleep: While you may be tempted to trade sleep for a few more hours of site-seeing and new experiences, it's not a trade worth making. Getting a good night's sleep while on vacation will keep you more alert and active while improving the overall experience of your trip.

"And as you're planning your trip, if you have any movement, discomfort or pain concerns that you feel may keep you from having fun, relaxing time, visit a physical therapist before heading out," said McDonald. "After a full assessment of the issue, a physical therapist can provide you with some treatment options and travel and/or exercise tips that can help you maximize your vacation's enjoyment."

About Onsite Theraphy Solutions:
Founded in 2014, Onsite Physical Therapy Solutions serves the orthopedic and neurological needs of people of all life stages in Holmes, Stark and Wayne counties. The clinic is unique in Orrville as the physical therapy team reaches into the community, providing outpatient onsite care in homes and local businesses throughout the area, as well as at our clinic. For more information, visit 

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