Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wicked Uncle

How many of us struggle at holiday time trying to think of gift ideas for our little ones? I know I sure do and every-time I can never find an item they suggested. I came across and that solved that problem. It narrows it down by age, gender, adventure toys, outdoor, ect. You are sure to find a gift for everyone on here.

   I was needing a gift for Monkey's 9th birthday. I used Wicked Uncle and found him an awesome gift. It was hard to narrow one down actually because there were so many awesome ideas. I chose the Amphibious Remote Control Shark Car. The car runs on land and water. The problem with most remote control cars is he tries to play in mud puddles and they die. The Shark Car has paddles on the wheels which make it glide thru water with ease. It also has 4x4 to make it over any terrain without a problem.

  After I chose what to get him, I had the option to have it gift wrapped and even got to pick the paper. Wicked Uncle does it all. Its definitely a time saver. The gift came with his name on it, on the mail label and on the gift itself which he thought was the best thing ever. What kid doesn't like getting their very own mail. In the box, there was a postcard that you will address to the person who sent you the gift and you can send it as a thank you.


  Make sure next time you are searching for that special gift and have no idea what to get, head on over to and let them do the guessing, and wrapping for you. 

Winter Is Coming Secret Words:
Monday: Snow
Tuesday: Sweaters
Wednesday: Christmas
Thursday: Coco
Friday: Cookies
Saturday: Boots
Sunday: Snowflakes

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