Monday, September 16, 2019

Cowboy Food & Drink Review

I love finding great places to eat that are local and not ran by the big chains. I recently got the opportunity to visit Cowboy Food & Drink with Mr. Anderson for a date night. Cowboy Food and Drink is one of those great hole in the wall places. It is not easily seen from the road with it sitting in a shopping plaza a bit back from the road. They must be doing something right as they just celebrated their 15 year anniversary of being in business. 

To celebrate their 15 year anniversary they decided to give back the community that has helped keep them in business this long. They had a big bash that helped raise money for 4 different local charities! Some of the activities they had were a dunk tank, bounce house, balloon twisters, face painting, characters, raffles, local radio host from 92.3 and more! During the month of September they are also giving 10% of their sales on Sundays to one of the 4 charities as well. I do not know about you but I personally like to give my business to businesses that give back to their community. 

One Mondays Kids Eat FREE with the purchase of an adult Entree. They allow you to get 2 kids meals free per paying adult. They also have Balloon Twisters there each Monday for the kids as well. They have a wonderful little arcade that can keep the kids and adults busy while you are waiting on your food. Mr. Anderson and I really enjoyed our evening out and the food was really good! I am a big fan of BBQ and can be a bit of a snob as well when it comes to BBQ, but their BBQ was delicious!

If you are in Ohio and up around the Cleveland area near Chagrin Falls we HIGHLY recommend stopping into Cowboy Food & Drink! I personally would recommend getting the Trio so you can sample several meats instead of just one!

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