Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Year, New Goals

I know that we all start the New Year with goals that we want to reach in the New Year. Almost all of us fail at the goals we set within the first few weeks. I am very guilty of that myself so this year I decided to switch things up. Instead of making the normal weight loss goals for myself I decided to make goals of getting my house in order to sell. We quickly outgrew our home no sooner than we moved in. We are slowly working on getting out of debt and getting things in order for what we would like to do with our future. 

We sent 2019 out the window in Florida with family and new friends. The two weeks we spent in Florida really opened my eyes to what needs to be done for my family. I have decided to no longer do what makes everyone else happy. Instead I am going to do what makes my family happy and healthy. Since our oldest son is now in High School and starting to think about college and careers I have made sure he knows that he can go after his dreams even if it means he is not close to me. I do not want my children trapped in a state that has nothing to offer them. 

So welcome to the New Year! We hope you will follow along with the blog this year and all the adventures we hope to go on. I am hoping to bring you more recipes and travel posts this year. I will be posting soon all the different parks we visited while in Florida.