Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Goodbye Summer 2021

 It seems like Summer came to a end to quickly this year. Luckily we had planned a great family trip to close out the kids summer before school started back into session. Though the trip started off on a very rocky note thanks to our car dyeing as soon as we got into Florida we did not let that keep us from making the most of everything. We got to spend a week away with the kids just relaxing and reconnecting. 

We rented a cozy little house on the island of Terra Ceia in Palmetto, Florida. There was a canal behind the house that lead out to Tampa Bay. The boys were enjoying being able to fish from the back yard as well as kayak out to the bay. They caught some of the biggest catfish ever while there. We also saw a baby jelly fish swimming in the canal. The neighbors were so nice and told us about some great places to find shells since they were building some new houses on the Island.

We did not get to enjoy the ocean as much as we would have liked due to the Red Tide being active and high levels. Also it decided that it needed to rain and storm a lot that week. So we enjoyed other fun local things to do like visiting their Grandma, going to the Red Barn Flea Market, DeSoto National Park, Alice Scooper's Ice Cream Shop and John's Pass. 

This trip came and went way to quickly in my opinion as do all our family trips. I just love spending time with my kids especially since they are growing up way to quick. The kids have already started back to school for the year so the house is quiet and I am at a loss of what to do sometimes. With that said I am hoping to be able to put more time back into this blog and my crafts that I love to do.

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