Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Zak! Popcorn Bowl Set Review

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One thing my family LOVES is popcorn! We make 2-3 bags every time we make it in our house. One problem we have always ran into was having a enough bowls for everyone, or the kids fighting over which bowl they got. You would like the solution would be to put it all in one big bowl right? Wrong that seems to make the fighting over the popcorn worse. So I was excited when I teamed up with zak! designs to review a set of their popcorn bowls. 

I received Zak Designs Disney and Pixar Movie Night Family Popcorn Bucket Set to review. I knew my kids would love the Mickey and Friends bucket set. Since I have such a wide variety of ages with my kids I decided that Mickey would be a set everyone would enjoy. It would also be a set that we could use over the years as Mickey never goes out of style. The popcorn bucket set is made from durable BPA FREE plastic. They are able to be hand washed, stored and then reused. They are also lightweight so it is easy for little ones to carry and if they drop it no broken glass to worry about just spilled popcorn. 

The set includes one large serving bucket that is 7.9 inches in diameter and four individual popcorn buckets that are 5.3 inches in diameter. I personally feel that the bucket sizes are perfect not to big or small. The large bucket is perfect for my oldest son who is 17 and the individuals are a great size for my smaller kids who are 5 and 8.

If you are looking for a great gift idea for any family or child I would really recommend picking up a set of these popcorn bowls! They have several different designs to choose from, but with the Holidays here stock is limited so I would not wait to order the ones you want!


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