Friday, January 28, 2022

Metal Detecting with TricDigger

One thing that our oldest son has become fascinated with is metal detecting. It has quickly grown to a family and friends thing with him. He loves going out and spending time in nature as it is but the metal detecting has him going on adventures now. Not only is he finding neat things but also historical stuff. This hobby has proved to be a awesome one because it also helps clean trash and broken glass out of our rivers and lakes. 

hat started off as just a hobby for my son has become a full time adventure for him. He is always planning his next adventure. If we go out of town for vacation his metal detectors come along with him. He loves searching new areas for new finds and sharing what he has found on his social media sites. I will leave the links to his accounts below be sure to jump on and check out videos and give him some likes and follows. He would love to be able to get some sponsors so he could travel and do more metal detecting hunts. I know this summer he has gotten permission to go to several different properties to hunt. One of the properties is a 200 acre farm that we use for hunting, but the old farm house is still standing. One of the coolest things that he found and is a personal favorite of mine is a Civil War bugle mouth piece. 

TricDiggers Social Media Accouts:

YouTube: TricDigger
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 Instagram: TricDigger

Have you been metal detecting? If so what state were you in and what was your favorite find?



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