Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hand & Footprint Turkey Craft

The other day Pumpkin and I were bored and looking for something to do whie his brother was at school. Pumpkin didn't want to bake cookies so I was trying to figure something else out to do. I ended up deciding to do a fun Thanksgiving craft with him that I use to do with the kids when I worked at a daycare. Pumpkin loved getting his hands and feets traced. He keep giggling say "it tickle Mommy".

It is a fun craft to do with all ages the older the children are the more they can help with it though. You can take the finished product and add a little piece of Magnet on the back to make it a Magnet for your Fridge. I would suggest putting contact paper on the turkey if you want to use it as a magnet though so it will stay nice for years to come. Also if you wanted you could frame the turkey by giving your child a piece of paper to decorate and then glue the turkey to the paper put a date on it and frame it. I would love to see the turkeys you do with your children, send me a picture of them and i'll post them on my blog under the Crafty You Page.
The directions and supply list for this craft are under my Family Crafts Section.

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