Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Go Green ~ Homemade Decorative Jars

So we are short on funds this year for Christmas so I got the idea to take empty pickle, salsa and jelly jars and turn them into decorative candy jars. This ended up being more of a struggle then I thought it would be, not because the project was hard but because my Mother In Law kept trying to recycle all my glass jars. She couldn't get it that I needed them for a project she kept telling me there was nothing that I could possibly do with them. Wait till she sees her gift then she'll think otherwise. lol This project is very simple any can be done anytime of the year to be used as gifts. They do not have to be candy jars depending on the size they can hold pens/pencils, paperclips, potpourri just about anything actually.

I started by washing and drying the jars. I didn't worry about taking off the labels because they were gonna be covered up anyways. Next I gathered up all my supplies which are things you can find typically in your house especially if you have kids. Next I started going through old magazines I used Birds & Blooms to find pictures that I wanted to use. After finding my pictures and cutting them out I began to construct the jars. I glued the pictures onto the jar and lids and let dry. Once the pictures were dry I then took gold glitter paint and splotch over the picture to give it a glitter look without having to worry about glitter going everywhere by using lose glitter and then I left them dry. After they were all dried I put a piece of cinnamon applesauce ornament that I made with my boys in them to get rid of the pickle or salsa smell. You could also use a small orange with cloves in it just set it in the jar and put the lid on for a day.

Here are the supplies you need to do this craft:
Empty washed out jars
Glue - I used regular Elmer's
paint brush and paint sponge
gold glitter paint
old magazines

Finished Product:

If you decide to make one of these please send a picture of it and I will post it under my Crafty You section. Also let me know what you used your jar for. Email the picture to .


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