Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leftover Dilemma

So I made Chili the other evening for dinner my husband was super happy the boys not so happy. So needless to say we had a lot of leftover Chili now my problem was figuring out a way to use it up. I have noticed in the past when we have leftovers they typically end up in the trash can which is a waste of money and food and I was not happy about that all. We are currently on a very tight budget so wasting food was upsetting me it was like just taking our money and throwing it the trash can. So my husband and I sat down and tried to come up with a solution to this problem. Here are what we came up with depending on what the leftover was. Putting in individual servings like frozen dinner portions and freezing them which works great because then my husband has food to take to work and were not running around trying to put something together for him. Coming up with new recipes to use the leftovers in and here are a few we came up with for the chili.

1. Chili tacos w/Rice- which were a huge hit with the boys they loved them :)
2. Chili Cheese Dogs - which were also a hit with the boys
3. Chili Spaghetti - also a hit
4. Chili Mac-n-Cheese - the boys were OK with this one but not there favorite
5. Chili Cheese Fries - were a huge hit and a special treat we baked the fries though did not deep fry
6. Taco Salads - Were a hit seeing as my me and boys love salads

Theses are just some ideas that we came up with for the leftover chili. If you have any other suggestions or recipes to use for leftovers please share them, or if you have a leftover dilemma post it here and we can all work together to try and get rid of the leftover dilemma and help each other stop throwing our money in the trash. :-)


  1. Thanks for stopping by Happily Southern, Trista! Following you back now :*)

    Depending on the leftovers we'll add them to casseroles, stir-fries, or soups. Some days we pull out all the leftovers and that's all we serve for a meal. I'm with you, though. I dislike tossing food away... even though we are able to give it to our pigs (which later end up on the dining table! :*))

  2. How about Chili burgers? Basically a sloppy joe but with Chili instead. Just melt some cheese on top of each.

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