Saturday, December 31, 2011

Design With Vinyl Review & Giveaway

I have discovered that I love wall decals and love having them throughout my home. I love being able to walk in a room and see some type of inspirational saying hanging up. It really helps keep my spirit up. Lucky for me I keep finding great Decal companies that have stuff that I like and are different. Design With Vinyl is the newest company I have come to love that has decals for every room in your house including wall switches, dorm rooms and many different themes. The decals are nicely made and in many different sizes and range in price and can be customized. The decals are well made and look very nice hanging up on the wall.

Place the decal where you want it to hang with some tape.

I got a couple of phrases that fits my family very well and hung one up in the dinning room so when you sit down for dinner you can see it. The decals were pretty simple to hang up with two people. The decal that I got was nicely made and I was very happy with it and the look of it. I can't wait to get some more decals this time for the boys room and Sweet Peas room as well. Design With Vinyl has so many great designs to choose from that it will be hard for me to pick just one for there rooms. I especially like hanging inspirational phrases around my house that helps keep my family motivated and remembering whats important.

Remove backing and place on wall...Finished product

Design With Vinyl has been gracious enough to offer one lucky follower of Andersons Angels a $35 gift certificate!! Make sure you check out all their awesome decals on their website and start decorating your home today!!

Safety 1st Review & Giveaway

When you think of what you need for a baby what comes to mind?
Diapers, Clothes, Blankets and Toys right?? Well those are a few and the most popular it seems too. When I had my baby shower for Sweet Pea those were the main things I received, but one very important thing that I needed was a baby monitor. Though I had Bubba and Pumpkin the monitors I had from them had been sold or broke. One of the most trusted brands that I use for baby care is Safety 1st and has been with all three of my kiddos.

I was so excited when Safety 1st agreed to allow me to review a product for them. They are one of my favorite baby brands to use as it is already. I was given the privilege of reviewing their HD Digital Audio Monitor set.

I must say that I was very impressed with this monitor set. I have always hated how my monitors would pick up the neighbors and sometimes so clearly that I would go to the room to make sure there wasn't someone in the room. But that is not the case with this set at all. It's DECT 6.0 technology allows for superior privacy and clarity on the set. Which is a great feature to have on a monitor set.

Some other great features that this set has are:
Energy Saving AC Adapters - Included
Parental Unit Features:
Rechargeable Batteries that come with it.
Sound lights display.
Page Indicator.
Out of range/low battery indicators.
Volume Controls.
Belt clip for portable convenience.
1000+ ft range.
Baby Unit:
Page Feature.
Upright or slight recline positioning.
Power on/off indicator.

These are all features that are important to me and many other moms when it comes to qualities in a good monitor. One major thing that I liked about the set was the belt clip because I love to be outside when its warm but hate to leave a sleeping baby in the house when I have no way to hear them. With this set having the belt clip on the parental unit I can take it with me while I'm outside watching the boys play and can safely leave Sweet Pea inside sleeping and not worry. Peace of mind is one thing that I absolutely need when it comes to my children and knowing their safe gives it to me.

Make sure that the next time you are invited to a baby shower or are having your own little one to check out all the great products that Safety 1st makes. Because not only do you want to help give your yourself or friend peace of mind but you want to do all you can to keep that precious bundle of joy safe from birth and up. Safety 1st was gracious enough to offer a HD Digital Audio Monitor set to one lucky Andersons Angels follower. You can also buy Safety 1st's great products at Wal-Mart, Target, Babies R Us and many other great stores.

B Toys Review

Toys, toys and more toys is what is around our house. But seriously how many toys does two boys need? Well our boys seem to think the more the better. Lately we have been downsizing in the amount of toys our boys have. But we have also been replacing some with stuff that our boys enjoy doing like building so blocks are a must in our house. Lately though we have been trying to find more unique items for the boys to build with. Since Bubba is a little older he is starting to get into the more complex building stuff; while Pumpkin is still young enough that he likes to build with anything he can.

I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful toy company that I have had the privilege to work with B Toys. To me B Toys has things figured out nicely when it comes to be Earth Friendly. I feel this way because the difference in their packaging goes way beyond the surface. They scrutinize every piece to ensure its impact on our children’s world is as light as possible. How awesome is that and how many other companies can say that?

They do this by:
Using recycled materials.
Packaging toys in bags you’ll love to reuse.
Designing boxes to become pretty trays to hold tiny treasures.
Even making some packages reversible to become gift wrap.
Their inks are soy-based and their varnishes water-based.
Every single bit of their clear plastic is recyclable and marked #1,
the most widely recycled plastic available.
And when they simply have to create a tie to hold a toy in place, it’s made out of
100% recycled polypropylene (PP), easily recycled again.

I like that the B Toy company is so conscious of what our children are playing with and the impact that the toys and the packaging has on the Earth. I never use to be very aware of what my children's toys had in them or where they came from. But lately with all the recalls due to lead poisoning and cheaply made products I have quickly became more aware of what is coming into my home.

I got the pleasure of reviewing the Spinaroos from B Toys and it was a perfect item for my boys especially Pumpkin. They love making things and then tearing them apart to make something else. Bubba is always making planes and some sort of flying objects while Pumpkin is making buildings.

I liked how easy the Spinaroos were for the boys to build with and they came in such a beautiful box that the blocks can be stored in while not being used. The Spinaroos are very colorful bristle blocks that come in many shapes and sizes. There are also heads and decorative designs to be able to make some very interesting and decorative figures. These make an awesome gift for any child who loves to build or likes to be creative. With all the different shapes, sizes, colors, heads and decorative pieces your children can let their imaginations run wild for hours and hours. Make sure you check out all the wonderful products that they make over at their website or at a local Target store by you.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crane Humidifier Review & Giveaway

One thing that my family has been in need of lately was a humidifier since ours decided to quite working. I had looked at the stores by me but could find nothing that meet the needs of my family. I am not a fan of the hot water humidifiers because I'm afraid of Bubba or Pumpkin bumping and it and getting burned bad and it just seems like there are not many options for cool mist humidifiers out there on the market right now. My Mother In Law knew I was on the hunt for a humidifier and offered to buy us one but ran into the same dilemma I did with trying to find one.

Then I came across the Crane humidifiers and feel in love with them. I showed them to  my Mother In Law and was set on getting one. She said she would get me one but didn't know when she would make it to a store that sold them to get one for us. Well with cold and flu season just around the corner I didn't want to wait so I decided to contact Crane and see if they would let me review one and guess what they said yes.

So Bubba, Pumpkin and I went to their website to try and decide exactly which adorable humidifier we wanted. It was hard since I said they had to agree on one well after a couple of arguments they finally agreed on the Dog Humidifier and I must say he is absolutely adorable and we love him. I love that the water tank is so easy to remove and fits under the bathroom sink for easy filling.  So no having to get a cup or worrying about spilling the water out while trying to fill it up.
I was so excited when the humidifier showed up in the mail that I instantly unpacked him and got him all ready to go for that night. One very important thing about having a humidifier is taking care of it properly. This is very easy to do by emptying the water from the basin and disinfecting the water tank and basin with white vinegar water solution. By doing this you are killing any bacteria that could possibly be growing and helping to prolong the life of your humidifier.

There are so many wonderful features to the Crane cool mist humidifiers
* They are very quiet which allow for a goodnight’s sleep.
* They do not require a filter which means no extra pieces to replace.
* They can run up to 11 hours with one fill up.
* They emit up to 2.1 gallons of moisture output a day.
* They have automatic shut off when the tank runs out!
* They are safe for children since there is no heating elements!

By now I’m sure you want a Crane cool mist humidifier for your family too. You can find them at Target, BabiesRUs, Bed Bath and Beyond as well as the Crane website with a suggested retail of $39.99 – $49.99 depending on the model. Or you could win one of your choice here!

How would you like to name one of these adorable humidifiers?

Every Monday 5 finalists are named and every Monday a new Adorable Name Contest will begin.  There are two left to name so get your entries in at their facebook page.  

Winners of Name That Toon Contest will receive:
* Animated likeness of the winner next to their Humidifier, along with all the winners, in the final Adorable Land cartoon short which will be posted on Crane USA Facebook and website in 2012.
* A complimentary humidifier.
* A custom made tee-shirt with the animated elephant along with the winner’s first name.
* The winning humidifier name will be included in Crane’s 2012 packaging.

Family Memories/Traditions

A family memory/tradition that we have started with our children is going to the Cleveland Zoo's Snow Days. We go up the day after Christmas weather permitting to enjoy the cold weather animals, the crafts and cookies they have for the kids to make and the music. What's nice is they have heated trams that run so you don't have to walk in the cold all around the zoo. It was a nice day in the 40's so we just walked and got the exercise and fresh air.

The snake came right up to glass when Dennis put his hand up there like it was smelling it; it was really cool to watch. If you look you can see Dennis's reaction reflecting on the glass. I love taking my kids to the zoo and spending time with them. I also love when extended family gets to join us as well. This trip my in-laws, BIL and soon to be SIL came along.

Sweet Peas favorite animal at the zoo was the Monkeys she loved watching them play and they kept coming up to the window to see her as well. Pumpkins favorite animal was "Dorie" from Nemo he loves the fish and Bubba's favorite animal this trip was the snake that came up to the glass with him. We all have our favorites and I think that is what makes going to the zoo so enjoyable because we all want to see our favorite animals.

One thing that I made sure we didn't miss while at the zoo was seeing the new Grizzly Cubs. I love babies and baby animals they are so cute!! They were playing with each other and climbing in the trees it was so fun to watch them. After we were done with the outside exhibits we headed for the Rainforest Exhibit another favorite because it's always so nice and warm inside it. After we were all done with the zoo and everyone seemed to be starving we all headed off for a nice dinner together at Eat N Park on the way home. Once we were back to my In-Laws hubby and I played monopoly with my BIL and Soon to be SIL while the boys got their baths and ready to spend to the night at their Nana and Papas house so all in all a really great day that made some lasting memories.

Loved their smiles in this picture so I had to share it with all of you Bubba and his Daddy...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cowgirl Chocolate Review

Do you love chocolate? I know I do chocolate is my one downfall when it comes to food. I love a good piece of chocolate every now and then. So I was so excited when I found cowgirl chocolates. I love everything that has to do with being a "cowgirl" so the thought of cowgirl chocolates enticed me. Cowgirl Chocolates are not your normal chocolate bars by any means. They come in a variety of flavors to entice your love of chocolate. Cowgirl Chocolates took chocolate to all new level with their flavors.

I must say that these chocolate bars really set a new standard for chocolate! They were yummy but they ended up not being my favorite. I loved how they took different things like green tea and different spices to make these chocolate bars. But I do not do well with spicy things so I ended up with an upset stomach. My hubby on the other hand loves spicy things. Unfortunately he was not wild about mixing spicy with chocolate, the boys on the other hand loved the chocolate.

This is a great product that I think many of you would enjoy it's something that you just have to try to see if you will like it because every ones taste buds are so different!!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Review

I have been trying to use more natural and organic products with my family lately. With all my children and myself having sensitive skin I need to. All the chemicals and fragrances in most soaps and lotions bother us. So I was happy to find a wonderful company that is geared toward bringing safe organic items to the whole family. Let me introduce you to Earth Mama Angel Baby.

They have some wonderful items for moms and babies as well. When you think of your babies do you think of using harsh chemicals on them? Probably not but you probably do not realize what all is in the products that you are using on them everyday. I know I sure didn't think about it I assumed it's for babies it would be pure and natural right?

Well with Earth Mama Angel Baby their products are just that Naturally made so NO harsh chemicals are going on you or your little Angel! I know that I can not be with Bubba and Pumpkin when they are at school so I have no control over what soaps and products they use. That's why I was happy when Earth Mama Angel Baby sent me their travel sizes of their different Hand to Toe Wash's to review. I like the travel sizes because I keep one in my purse for when were out and about and need to wash our hands. I have also sent one to school with Pumpkin for him to use at bathroom breaks.

I like that I can give Pumpkin something safe and natural to use while I am not with him and I can count on his teacher letting him use it as well. I love that when looking at the list of ingredients in these hand to toe washes I can pronounce everything in them and that it is all organic. So once again NO harsh chemicals going on my family's skin!!

I would definitely recommend you looking into Earth Mama Angel Baby for your families needs. They have so many different wonderful items make sure you stop by their website and check out everything that they offer to help keep your family Natural, Organic and Chemical Free...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tree Hut Review

Do you like to take a nice long soak in the tub or are you more of a shower person? I love a good soak but our tub is just to small so showers it is around here for me and hubby. Showers or Baths it doesn't really matter but one thing that does is the soap I use. We seem to have hard water so my skin is always dry and that drives me nuts. I am always looking for a good soap or scrub to use that will not leave me feeling dry. With that said let me introduce you to Tree Hut.

Tree Hut is the maker of some wonderful Shea Butter Body Scrubs. I got the chance to review their Almond & Honey Body Scrub. With the sweet smell of honey and the rich scent of almonds, this sugar scrub combines the best of both worlds. The honey helps smooth your skin, while the real almond bits will gently buff away dead skin cells and the sweet almond oil will leave your skin feeling soft all day. I don't know about you but I like my skin to feel nice and smooth not dry and flaky.

Tree Hut's body scrub was so refreshing to use not only did it leave my skin feeling nice and soft but it smelled wonderful as well. I loved that the smell was not overpowering at all. With me having asthma some of the most common smells can trigger my asthma and cause me to have an attack or become all stuffy. I would recommend this product to family and friends and it would make a great gift as well. Make sure you stop by their website to see all the wonderful products that Tree Hut carries.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pure Pearls Review

If you are like me you love jewelry and love receiving it as well. But with the economy the way it is lately it is hard to afford it. Even for special occasions I typically do not ask for jewelry because there are other things I could use. Well with that said let me introduce you to Pure Pearls. Pure Pearls is a wonderful company that sells beautiful pearl jewelry!! They have every type of pearl and color that you could wish for.

I got the chance to receive a beautiful pair of fresh water pearl earrings from Pure Pearls to review. Pearls are one thing that I have been wanting since my father in law bought my mother in law a beautiful set for their anniversary a few years ago. So I was super happy to be receiving a pair of my own to review. The nice thing about Pure Pearls is every pearl they sell comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I was so excited when I received the earrings in the mail that I tore into the package right away it was like Christmas morning and I was a little kid again. Silly I know but when it comes to jewelry wouldn't you feel like a kid on Christmas morning or on your birthday?

I loved how beautiful these earrings are and they are cheaply made or looking either. I have sensitive skin so one thing I worry about is the metal on the earrings affecting my skin and the posts on these earrings did not do that at all. I also really liked that they were not to big and overbearing for my small ear lobes.
Make sure you stop by there site and see all the wonderful pearl pieces that Pure Pearls offer. They would make some great gifts for that special occasion!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shadora Review & Giveaway

If you are like me you love jewelry and love receiving it as well. But with the economy the way it is lately it is hard to afford it. Well with that said let me introduce you to Shadora. Shadora is a wonderful company that sells beautiful jewelry at a discounted price and the best part Free Shipping on all orders!!

I got the chance to receive a beautiful pair of pearl earrings from Shadora to review. Pearls are one thing that I have been wanting since my father in law bought my mother in law a beautiful set for their anniversary a few years ago. I know the set will be coming to me but I've got awhile before I receive them. So I was super happy to be receiving a pair of my own to review.

I was so excited when I received the earrings in the mail that I tore into the package right away it was like Christmas morning and I was a little kid again. Silly I know but come on its jewelry wouldn't you feel like a kid on Christmas morning too? Speaking of Christmas morning it is right around the corner and Shadora has more then just earrings they have all different kinds of jewelry that would make some great stocking stuffer for that special someone in your life.

I loved how beautiful these earrings are and they do not look cheaply made either. I have sensitive skin so one thing I worry about is the metal changing my skin colors and the posts on these earrings did not do that at all. I also really liked that they are not to big and overbearing for my small ear lobes.

Shadora is always running great giveaways on their
facebook!! They recently gave away a 2 carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet, White Topaz Stud Earrings and much more!! They currently have a giveaway up for a 1 carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet make sure you enter here!!

Well now I have surprise for all of my wonderful followers in the US!! I am giving you the chance to win your own set of Rose
Colored Pearl Earrings.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Real or Fake Christmas Tree

This is my dilemma what do I want? We currently have a fake tree that we've had for a couple years that some of the branch's are broke on. The sad thing is the branch's broke the same year we bought the tree. I am tired of having to rig up the branch's so my tree looks decent and don't feel like doing it this year. So I am thinking of getting a real tree this year. I think my boys would love getting to go out and pick our tree instead of just pulling it out of the box. My fears are that having a real tree may affect my asthma or the boys allergies. I am also worried about our cat eating the tree he already tries to eat the fake one.

So I am curious what are your thoughts on this subject?

Real or Fake which would be the best for my family??

Holidays and Catching Up

I want to start off by saying I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Everyone came to our house for Thanksgiving this and once again I realized that I need a bigger house. I am very behind on reviews and giveaways and I am so sorry about that; but my computer had to be reformatted due to a virus so I was without a computer for awhile and now I am way behind on things and I apologize to everyone for that. I am going to be doing my best to get everything up on here ASAP I have a event that starts on December 1st so my focus is on it at the moment. Then it will be play catch up. If you need me for anything please email me and I will get back with you.

Thank You All
~Mama Anderson

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sorry I'm Behind

I must start off by saying if your waiting on a review I'm sorry but I have fallen behind. The past few months has been one big headache and it's carrying into this month. We have had our electric shut off without warning, latch on my truck window break almost causing the window to fall off, basement flood again, Bubba's Rabbit died, Pumpkins teachers dad pass, hubby had to have an emergency colonoscopy, my dad had to have three biopsies and they believe he has cancer in this thyroid, Pumpkin is dealing with ear infections and they believe that they are affecting his hearing so were at the doctors getting them checked frequently now. We also are looking into getting Bubba tested for ADD so I am constantly on the run and at the doctors with someone. The lord is putting me through many tests and I'm trying to keep my head up and not fall into a depression. I am trying to stay strong for my family while getting all my reviews done as well. So please bear with me and your stuff will be done as soon as I can.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Savvy Rest

So lately with all the health issues that are arising in my family I am trying to find ways to help make my family healthier and that includes using more greener products. That's why I got excited when I found Savvy Rest, the company that gives us healthy alternatives to the traditional bedding that is on the current market.  Savvy Rest offers only the finest organic mattresses, organic mattress toppers, sheets, mattress pads, and pillows.  By making their mattresses from natural latex rubber, certified organic wool and certified organic cotton you know what you are sleeping on and can rest assured it is healthy.  

Savvy Rest has a wonderful commitment to each of there customers: 
  • Purity: there materials are natural, nontoxic, certified and independently tested
  • Comfort: every Savvy Rest organic mattress is customized for the customer
  • Integrity: they treat customers with honesty and respect
  • Value: Savvy Rest will long outlast a conventional store bought mattress

 I got the privelage to review Savvy Rest's Contour Pillow. I chose this pillow because I am one who needs typically two pillows to sleep. I liked the shaped of the contour pillow and thought that it might help me cut back on using so many pillows at night. This pillow is a soft dunlop molded shape that has a higher rounded edge along its length for extra neck stability. The lower edge allows you to change positions easily when needed and the center hollow gently cradles your head. The only problem I encountered with this pillow was it had a strong smell of latex at first, but as time passes the smell seems to be fading away.

This has become a favorite pillow of mine very quickly and i'd love to try there other Oragnic Pillows. I'd also like to try some of there other products like the mattress topper. I love a nice soft bed and I think adding a topper to our mattress would accomplish this for me. Make sure you stop by their website and check out all there great products and maybe purchase some for Christmas they'd make great gifts!!

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    Sponsor Spotlight:

    If your like most people with the economy lately going out to eat is a once in awhile thing. It is just to expensive to take a family out to a nice dinner anymore and truthfully even out for fast food. That's where comes in. You are able to buy local restaurant gift certificates at a fraction of the normal cost and best part the print them at home so no waiting for them to come in the mail.

    I was tickled when agreed to allow me to do a review of a $25 Gift Certificate and give one away as well. I am one who loves to go out to eat and lately its not something that we do. With having a family of 4.5 (since Sweet Pea is just starting to eat table foods I won't count her as a whole) it gets to be expensive to go out to eat. One way we have found to cut cost and save bringing home a ton of leftovers is by having the boys spilt a meal.

    But still with the holidays coming up and money being tight why not consider buying gift certificates at a discounted price. So that way you save money, get your gifts bought all from the comfort of your home. No standing in big lines and having to deal with finding a parking spot or your way through a big crowd.

    A great program that is doing that starts tomorrow is there

     Feed It Forward Program:
    What is it?
    Feed It Forward is there holiday giving celebration, founded to revive the gift of giving after the economy crashed in 2008. From November 17th to New Year’s Day, consumers can give FREE $10 gift certificates to anyone. There’s no catch or gimmick. It’s free to give and free to receive. Feed It Forward encourages everyone to experience the gift of giving, regardless of economic circumstances. They believe giving lift spirits, spreads joy and strengthens community.

    How does it work?
    Consumers can give up to 40 FREE $10 gift certificates per day during the duration of the program. The giving can be done through Facebook or the Feed it Forward site.

    Want to win your own $25 Gift Certificate to along with some other great prizes go here and now...

    I was not paid in any way to give this review or giveaway. The review item was sent to me free of charge. All opinions are mine and my childrens alone. I try to be honest and fair when giving a review.  

    All For Love Valentine's Event

     Attention, Attention, Attention
    ~Ladies and Gentlemen can I get your attention for a moment...

    I'd like to make an announcement about a great event coming up that is looking for great bloggers like yourself...
    Valentines Blog Event

    hosted by

    Rules to Participate:
    • You must get at least a $25 prize/package together to be given away during the event
    • You must display the event button in your sidebar from now until event ends
    • If you are willing to help spread the word about this great event, it is completely free to participate!

      So hop on over to either Mama Chocolate or Real Mom Reviews and sign up today!!

    Mama Chocolate 

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Wordless Wenesday

    Teething Bling Review & Giveaway

    Do you have a little one who is cutting teeth and wanting to stick everything in their mouths? Well that's where I currently am with Sweet Pea. She is 9 months old and has all the signs of teething but no teeth yet. Anything and everything she can currently stick in her mouth to chew on she does.

    Beat the Winter-Break Blues as a Family

    Beat the Winter-Break Blues as a Family
    Sponsored Article submitted by Kathleen Thomas on behalf of Primrose Preschools

    Just because the weather is getting colder and wintertime is just around the corner does not mean the good times have to come to an end. Although more activities will be enjoyed inside, there are still a wide variety of activities you and your family can do to beat the winter blues. From the first snow of the year to the last, regardless of what the weather may be doing outside, here are ten great indoor activities you can do on a budget to ensure the fun doesn’t stop when the snow starts to drop!

    1. Indoor Playgrounds: One of the newest trends popping up across the United States is that of the indoor playground. These indoor gyms consist of anything from bounce houses to jungle gyms and all in climate controlled environment. In many instances, these indoor playgrounds often advertise on a number of daily deal sites as well making admission easily affordable for everyone!

    2. Make Your Own Play-Dough: Especially if you have younger kids who enjoy playing with Play-Dough, this is a great and inexpensive idea to pass the time away. There are a number of easy to make recipes online that you can print off and use. Also, with the addition of a little food coloring, your kids can make your play-dough just about any color they would like.

    3. Malls: Although you may not have the money to go on a shopping spree is no reason to avoid the local mall. Many malls today have areas for kids to run around and play on a myriad of toys. These areas are free, highly supervised and allow your kids to run around burning off a lot of steam from being cooped up in the house during the winter. Although the mall hopes you spend money while you are there, you can take advantage of these play areas without spending a dime.

    4. Tea Time: While you are at the mall, be sure to check out their calendar of events. IN many cases, individual merchants will also have free events for kids throughout the year. Whether it is a “Princess Tea Time” put on by one of the department stores or a “Wildlife Adventure Story” at one of the Outfitter retailers, many of these events are also free and a great way to have your kids be entertained, learn something new or a combination of the two.

    5. Building a Dollhouse/Fort: Whether you have recently purchased a large appliance for the home or know someone who has and may be looking to get rid of the box, what better use of a huge appliance box than building a beautiful dollhouse or an impenetrable fort. For kids with a healthy imagination, cutting a door and a couple windows into one of these big boxes will keep your children entertained for hours. They can also have a blast decorating it in any way they would like.

    6. Goodwill Donations: As kids grow up, they tend to grow out of their clothes year after year. A great way to give back to the community as well as teach your family the importance of charity is to round up the clothes they no longer wear and donate them to Goodwill or any number of other charitable organizations. It may also be a good idea to walk through the organization and meet some of the people running it so your kids can learn how their old clothes can do a lot of good for other people.

    7. Dress Up: Whether you pick up a few things from Goodwill, or just let your kids wear your old clothes, dressing up and pretending can be another great and inexpensive wintertime blues beater. Whether it is old suits and ties or fancy dresses and costume jewelry, your kids will have a blast pretending to be like mom and dad.

    8. Making Candy: Many of the local hobby shops sell candy molds for relatively inexpensive prices. With a few bags of milk chocolate chips, and some sucker sticks, you can easily make and decorate a number of different chocolate suckers. For those who prefer to stick just with candies, you can forego the sticks and just make chocolates. Either way, this inexpensive activity can be fun for the whole family and tasty to boot.

    9. Indoor Water Parks: This may be one of the more expensive options on the list, but many of these parks runs specials throughout the summer in preparation for the slower winter months. They also advertise across the daily deal-type sites, so if you keep an eye out throughout the year, you may be able to pick up some passes for dirt cheap. Most kids love swimming and going on waterslides. With these indoor parks, this no longer has to be a summertime only activity.

    10. Visiting Senior Centers: In keeping with the looking out for others activities, nothing may brighten up a person’s day then to see some smiling kids coming to visit them. Many people in these senior centers no longer have any children in their lives, so even a short hour visit could mean the world to those folks. This is also a great opportunity for your kids to learn from the residents as well about how life used to be 70 or 80 years ago.

    It is inevitable that winter will be here before we know it. Talk to your kids about what they would like to do when it is too cold to be outside and plant some of these ideas in their heads now. Also, don’t be afraid to have them come up with some ideas of their own. Together with the suggestions here and what you and your family come up with, one thing is for certain: you are about to have a great time this winter!

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Freaky Pets Review & Giveaway

    Do you ever feel like your kids have two sides to them; one a nice cute loveable side and then a mean cranky side. I know mine sure are like that and it's like a switch gets flipped and wham I have the opposite of what I did 5 minutes ago. Well I was excited when I heard about these awesome little pets that have a cute and cranky side to them just like my boys.

    CRANKY w/ Papa

    Let me introduce you to: Freaky Pets. These awesome stuffed animals that you are able to turn inside out to bring out their cranky side or cute side. I wish I could as easily switch my boys as you can these pets. Bubba and Pumpkin were instantly in love with these guys as was I. Not only are they a cute stuff animal but you can play with these guys online as well.


    Pumpkin got Wallco to review and Bubba got Warto. They both carry these guys around with them to their grandparents houses and to show friends. They got our little neighbor boy interested in them and playing the online game now as well. Bubba and Pumpkin love to turn their guys into cranky guys and have them destroy cities that they build out of blocks.

    There is also a really cute story that I got to preview that goes along with the Freaky Pets. It was about how the one little guy PuffPuff was having a hard time trying to learn something new. But what he learned was that it was ok for him to use his cranky side and cute side to get a routine done. Once he finished it he taught his friends the routine and then they all showed their parents.

    These are really cute animals that would make some Great Christmas Presents for boys and girls. Check here to find a local Hallmark retailer by you.
    I was not paid in any way to give this review or giveaway. The review item was sent to me free of charge. All opinions are mine and my childrens alone. I try to be honest and fair when giving a review.