Thursday, February 24, 2011

Then there was 3

Well our little has arrived she made her debut on February 10th at 7:27am weighing 7lbs 8oz
and was 20in long. She had a rough start to life and spent the first day in the NICU due to fluid in her lungs that wouldn't clear out. She didn't get to eat for the first 13-14 hours so she had an IV in her giving her sugar water her poor little hands are still bruised. I got to start nursing her on the second day and she came out of the NICU the same day. My husband was helpful to me through
all this he knew how upset I was getting at the fact that I couldn't hold, nurse or see my baby. Needless to say even though I had a c-section I was hurrying myself out of the bed so I could go see my baby girl. When I finally got to hold her in the NICU my husband didn't even say a word about not getting too hold her because he knew how hard of a time I was having. He is such a blessing to me and the kids. Sweet Pea is the sweetest little thing and such a good baby. Her big brothers just love her to pieces as do mom and dad. We are all getting used to there being a baby in the house, especially Bubba and Pumpkin. Bubba is doing good and trying to help as much as
he can unless it involves diapers where Pumpkin will help with anything he can even the diapers. We are slowly working on transitioning off of disposables and into cloth diapers. The only
problem is I don't have enough cloth diapers for as much as she poo's at the moment. lol The only problem I am really having with Sweet Pea is even though we are using a Arms Reach Co-Sleeper she wants to actually co-sleep and be with us. So we have been working on keeping her in the co-sleeper and making sure she knows we are right there. So far the breastfeeding is going great as well my milk came in no problem I was kinda of worried since I couldn't nurse Sweet Pea the first day but I started pumping as soon as I could so she had something once she was able to eat. We are working on her latching she is getting better at it she just never wants to open her mouth very wide no matter what.


  1. Glad you're all home and recovering!
    Just curious (because I'm scheduled for a c-section in May), do they know why she had fluid on her lungs? That's one of my fears with a c-section...I've heard that their lungs don't get cleared out when they don't go through the birth canal.

  2. This was my third c-section and the first that this happened to. It is normal for them to have a little fluid but it normally clears up within an hour and hers didn't. It is due to not going through the birth canal, but as i said this was my third and the first it happened to so I wouldnt worry to much about it. Good luck with your pregnancy and upcoming c-section.

  3. Congratulations! :)
    I got married the sameday!