Sunday, February 6, 2011

Update on Anderson Household

Ok so here is a little update on what has been happening
around the Anderson's household lately. Still no baby...but we know at the
latest she will arrive this Thursday and we are all super excited to meet
her. I have been sitting at 2cm dilated since the end of January and it's
driving me crazy. Spent Jan 28th at the doctors with both boys because
Bubba was running a fever of 101 just to find out that they both have a
virus. Guess who was the next one sick in the family yep me spent that
Sunday at the hospital in Labor & Delivery severely dehydrated and
came to find out that the boys virus to me was the Flu. So I have been
trying to get everyone in this house better before the baby comes
especially since I have to have a c-section, and the last thing I need is
to have surgery while already sick. We have also had some real nasty weather
come through the area so Bubba was off school all but two days last week,
luckily my mother in law is a teacher as well and her school was closed so
the boys stayed with them so I could try to get better from the Flu. Today is
the superbowl and i'm sitting here with the cutest Steelers tutu that the baby
was suppose to wear today but she didn't make it in time. That's ok I guess
she'll still get her pics done in it when she gets here. I have been working
my bottom off trying to get all my reviews and giveaways in order for on
here as well as get more for later in the year. I have been receiving some really
cool things to share with you all and some great giveaways as well. I currently
have my schedule booked up into the beginning of May which is great and
makes me very happy, that's I have companies wanting to partner with me to bring
you all really great stuff. Well that's all I have for you at the moment I am
hoping to get another review and giveaway posted today if my computer decides
to start cooperating with me at the moment it is not. Sometimes I really
dislike technology...

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